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A Little Early to Panic About the Eagles
One loss and the Eagles fans are in a major panic. Sure, there wasn’t a lot to like about Sunday’s 27-21 loss at Tampa Bay, but a few things have to be remembered.

Eagles Look Like a Formidable Team, Despite a Less Than Stellar Opening Performance
Last season the Eagles rallied around being an underdog on their way to winning the Super Bowl. They wore underdog masks and played up the fact that people weren’t respecting them because they were underdogs in both playoff games and the Super Bowl.

Phillies Nola Remains in Tight NL Cy Young Race
It’s been established for a while that there are three candidates for the National League Cy Young Award and with less than a month to go, the race remains tight.

Phillies Offense Needs to Produce for the Playoffs to Become a Reality
Entering Tuesday, the Phillies had 45 games left and the key is whether they can finish a deal very few thought they had a chance of achieving at the beginning of the season.

Unfulfilling Offseason for the 76ers
After being eliminated in five games during their second-round playoff series with the Boston Celtics, 76ers coach and interim general manager Brett Brown suggested that the team would be shopping for stars in the offseason.