Jersey Shore Nightlife Guide

Jersey Shore Nightlife Guide

Join us this weekend as we explore the variety of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs that offer live music for an exciting night out down the Shore! Our selected tunes encompass all genres of sound—live DJs, rock and roll covers, solo acoustic, and more.

We’ve listed the below venues of the Jersey Shore from North to South, starting at Long Beach Island and travelling down the coast to the tip of Cape May. 

If you want to add your favorite live music location, e-mail us directly at and we’ll be sure to include it in next week’s list!

Long Beach Island
Joe Pops Bar and Restaurant
Friday June 22: Until Sunrise, 10 pm
Saturday June 23: Country Night with Big Hix, 10 pm

The Gateway
Friday June 22: Joey D. Rockin’ Oldies, 7-11 pm
Saturday June 23: Jimmy Brogan and Ty Mares, 8 pm-12 am

Nardi’s Tavern
Friday June 22: Tim Gysin, 5-9 pm; Back to Blonde, 10 pm
Saturday June 23: Garage Kept, 5-9 pm; SouthPaw, 10 pm
Sunday June 24: Dave Christopher Band, 5-9 pm; Mr. Love Joy, 10 pm

Sea Shell Resort and Beach Club
Friday June 22: Ted Hammock and the Pickles, 4-7 pm; Mike Declan, 10 pm-1 am
Saturday June 23: Pool Party with the Nerds, 3:30-7:30 pm; Nine Deez Nite, 10 pm-2 am
Sunday June 24: Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns, 3:30-7:30 pm; Ted Hammock and Matt Fisher, 10 pm-1 am

Atlantic City
Gypsy Bar at the Borgata
Friday June 22: Thunk, 7 pm; My Hero Zero, 11 pm
Saturday June 23: Fish out of Water, 7 pm; Peat Moss and the Fertilizers, 11 pm
Sunday June 24: Garden State Radio, 8:30 pm

Haven Nightclub at the Golden Nugget
Friday June 22: FAED with DJ Montone, 11 pm-4 am
Saturday June 23: DJ Turbulence with DJ Reach, 10 pm-4 am

Rush Lounge at the Golden Nugget
Friday June 22: Bobby and Kit, 6-10 pm; All Souled Out, 10 pm-2 am
Saturday June 23: Amy Faden, 6-10 pm; Spoiled Rotten, 10 pm-2 am
Sunday June 24: Laura Lea, 8 pm-12 am

Tango’s Lounge at Tropicana
Friday June 22: Big City, 7-10:40 pm; DJ Ralph, 11 pm-2:40 am
Saturday June 23: Ann Michal, 3-6:40 pm; Marquee, 7-10:40 pm; DJ Ralph, 11 pm-2:40 am
Sunday June 24: Stealing Savanah, 9 pm-1 am

Margate City
Johnny’s Café & Lounge
Friday June 22: Bob Pantano,8:30 pm
Saturday June 23: DJ Johnny Looch,10 pm-2 am

Sea Isle City
Dead Dog Saloon
Friday June 22: The Mullets, 8 pm
Saturday June 23: Painted Man, 8 pm
Sunday June 24: Josh Brannon Band, 7 pm

Kix McNutley's
Friday June 22: Bill Catarini Acoustic, 4:30-8 pm; Dean Dunlevy, 8 pm-12 am
Saturday June 23:
 Syd Kelly, 8 pm-12 am; The E Street Shuffle, 10 pm-1:30 am

The Ocean Drive
Friday June 22: Five Times Famous, 5-9 pm, The Sandbar; Garden State Radio with DJ Tommy B, 10 pm, The Main Stage
Saturday June 23: Secret Service, 4-8 pm, The Sandbar; Lost in Paris, 8 pm

Friday June 22: DJ Ernesto, 9 pm-12 am
Saturday June 23: DJ Mike B, 5-8 pm; DJ Sojo Later, 9 pm-12 am

The Springfield Inn
Friday June 22: The Pickles, 8-10 pm; DJ Image, 10 pm-12 am
Saturday June 23: Brian and Mindy, 8 pm, The Deck; Juliano Brothers, 8 pm, Inside; Rad and Kell with DJ John Lee, 10 pm-12 am, Inside
Sunday June 24: Rad and Kell, 4-8 pm; Juliano Brothers and DJ Brother Mike, 10 pm-12 am, Inside

Princeton Bar and Grill
Friday June 22: Jumper, 10 pm, The Princeton
Saturday June 23: Sidearm, 10 pm, Circle Tavern; Laura Lea and Tripp Fabulous, 10 pm, The Princeton

Bobby Dee’s Rock ‘N Chair
Sunday June 24: Johnny’s Cousin Steve, 7:30 pm

Windrift Hotel
Friday June 22: Darin MacDonald, 6 pm, Signature Lounge; DJ Jules, 8 pm, Blue Bar; Lime Bean Riot, 9:30 pm, Beach Bar; Stellar Mojo, 9:30 pm, Level 2
Saturday June 23: Jim Bannach, 6 pm, Signature Lounge; DJ Jules, 8 pm, Blue Bar; Lecompt, 9:30 pm, Beach Bar; Gypsy Wisdom, 9:30 pm, Level 2
Sunday June 24: Darin MacDonald, 6 pm, Signature Lounge; Jimmy Doran, 5 pm, Level 2; DJ Jules, 8 pm, Level 2 and Blue Bar

Stone Harbor
Buckets Margarita Bar and Cantina
Friday June 22: Christian Glomb, 8-11 pm
Saturday June 23: Ken Shiles, 8-11 pm
Sunday June 24: Andrew Behringer, 8-11 pm

Fred’s Tavern
Friday June 15: Big Daddy Duo, 9 pm-1 am
Saturday June 16: One Fish Two Fish Duo, 9 pm-1 am

Dogtooth Bar & Grill
Saturday June 23: Stem Live, 9 pm
Sunday June 24: Amy Faden Duo, 9 pm

Cape May
Cabanas on the Beach
Friday June 22: The Chatterband, 6-9 pm; DJ Tony Stef, 10 pm
Saturday June 23: The Big House Band, 6-9 pm
Sunday June 24: Reel-Ting Band, 3-7 pm

Mad Batter
Friday June 22: Hevee Levee Kane Tap Takover, 7-10 pm
Saturday June 23: Joe and Mike, 7-10 pm

The Rusty Nail
Friday June 22: Mike Flanigan, 4:30-8:30 pm
Saturday June 23: Andy Reeves, 4:30-8:30 pm; The Big Ric Review, 8:30 pm-12:30 am
Sunday June 24: Wesley Ochs, 12-4 pm; Terry and Tim, 4:30-8:30 pm, The Patio

Congress Hall
Friday June 22: The Billy D Light Trio, 9:30 pm-1 am, The Boiler Room
Saturday June 23: Darin MacDonald, 8 pm-12 am, The Brown Room
Sunday June 24: Matt DiVenti, 5-9 pm, The Boiler Room
To see our extensive listing of South Jersey events, including local community events, programs at your local libraries, nightlife, fairs and festivals, plays, and many more, check out our Events Calendar here. Have an event that you want listed in our events calendar? Add your event here.

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