South Jersey Nightlife Guide

South Jersey Nightlife Guide
Are you still planning your weekend and looking to savor some local sounds? We have you covered.

Take advantage of the thriving South Jersey nightlife and enjoy these alphabetically listed events from venues located in Burlington, Gloucester, and Camden counties.

If you want to add your favorite live music location, e-mail us directly at and we’ll be sure to include it in next week’s list!

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Burlington County
Curran’s Irish Inn
Friday June 14: The Great Scott Band, 9-11 pm
Saturday June 15: Love Junk, 9-11 pm

Dadz Bar and Grill
Friday June 14: DJ Shorty Rock, 4-8 pm
Saturday June 15: No Diving, 5 pm; Karaoke with DJ Dubbs, 9 pm-2 am

Jug Handle Inn
Friday June 14:
 Nicki Sbafoni, 6-9 pm (Creekside); Don Evans Band, 9 pm-12 am
Saturday June 15: Carly and Me, 6-9 pm (Creekside)

Ott’s Medford
Friday June 14: The Blitz Band, 8:30 pm
Saturday June 15: The Revenge Band, 8:30 pm
Tara’s Tavern
Friday June 14: Nami Lane, 10 pm
Saturday June 15: Ted Hammock and the Pickles, 10 pm
Gloucester County
Ott’s Washington Township
Thursday June 13: The Juliano Brothers, 7 pm
Friday June 14: Say Goodnight Carl, 9 pm
Saturday June 15: Spanky’s Other Brother, 9 pm

Mt. Royal Inn
Thursday June 13:
Mark Fisher, 6:30-9:30 pm

Racks Pub and Grill, Atco
Saturday June 15: Cotton Mouth, 9:30 pm

Racks Pub and Grill, Williamstown
Saturday June 15:
 All Souled Out, 9:30 pm

Camden County
Bahama Breeze
Thursday June 13: Kenny, 5-10 pm
Friday June 14:
 Alzonia, 5-11 pm
Saturday June 15: Alzonia, 4-11 pm
Sunday June 16: Kenny, 4-9 pm
Dominic’s Tavern
Friday June 14: Live DJ, 5-7 pm
Saturday June 15:
 Goodfellas, 5-7 pm

Kaminski’s Bar and Grill
Friday June 14: Poor Mouth Henry, 5-9 pm; Live DJ, 9 pm
Saturday June 15: Live DJ, 9 pm
Time Out Sports Bar and Grill
Friday June 14: Billy the Kid, 8 pm
Saturday June 15: Whiskey Grin, 8 pm
Vera Bar and Grill
Friday June 14: All Souled Out, 9 pm-3 am
Saturday June 15: Exception Band, 9 pm-2:30 am
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